10th Anniversary of Mullivaikal Massacre has been remembered with porridge without salt -Reporter for Global Tamil News-

Porridge without salt, which the people had been drinking during the last days of war at Mullivaikal has been provided at Mannar to mark the 10th anniversary of Mullivaikal remembrance. This was organized by the Organization for Socio Economic Enrichment in Mannar in association with North-East Coordinating Committee.

This porridge of Mullivaikal Remembrance has been given to the people of Pallamadu in Manthai West Divisional Secretariat. Also, Trees have been planted at Mannar Santhapuram School and Eaachchilavaakkai General Hall to commemorate the victims of Mullivaikal Massacre.

A mother, who lost her 4 children at the final stages war, has planted trees at the temple premises in order to remember the 26 persons who were killed at the Eeachilavakai area.

It is notable that the Organization for Socio Economic Enrichment in Mannar has planted around 5000 trees around the country particularly in the north and east to commemorate those who were killed in Mullivaikal.

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