Buddha Statue issue has been peacefully solved following the negotiations in Vavuniya Campus -Reporter for Global Tamil News-

Tensed situation arisen because of the attempts of Sinhalese students to erect Buddha statue at the premises of Vavuniya Campus has been brought to normalcy following the negotiations.

This tensed situation arisen because of the Buddha Statue issue has been brought to normalcy following the negotiations of student representatives of the University of Jaffna, Vavuniya Poliec and Sinhalese students.

Sinhalese students studying at the Faculty of Management Studies of Vavuniya Campus located at Pampaimadu have set up a nest to erect a Buddha statue day before yesterday (23). This attempt made by the students without the permission of the University Administration has been halted by the University Administration.

Subsequently, Sinhalese students have threatened the University Administration. Tensed situation arisen as the Sinhalese students locked the entrance of the office of the Campus located at Park Road.

Consequently, Vavuniya Campus has closed down indefinitely.

Meanwhile, Vavuniya Police had negotiations with the University Administration. Police Inspector assured that he would control the Buddha Statue issue. In addition, representatives of the Jaffna University Students’ Union went to the scene and had peaceful talks with the Sinhalese students. Subsequently, Sinhalese students have given up their opposition.

In addition, the nest on which the Buddha statue was planned to be erected has been taken away by the Police.

Thus, the tensed situation has been brought to normalcy.

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