Buddha took over the Trincomalee Bus stand also -Reporter for Global Tamil News-

Buddha statue has been erected in front of the Trincomalee Bus stand in the Eastern Province. It has been stated that the sudden erection of this Buddha statue has regretted the numerically religious minorities in the country. Trincomalee district has been losing its identity for so long due to the grabbing.

Many died due to the conflicts arose because of the Buddha statue erected in Trincomalee during the ceasefire time. People of this area requested the officials to take necessary actions to remove the Buddha statue erected without the permission of Trincomalee Municipality Council as in way of damaging the peaceful harmony in the district.

The people of Kanniya in Trincomalee district expressed their fierce opposition against the attempt of appropriating the area of Kanniya Hot Water Springs a few days ago. Consequently, the religious harmony got affected in Trincomalee district.

Meanwhile, the people brought from Anuradhapura staged a protest at the premises of Semmalai Neeraviyadi Pillaiyar temple day before yesterday as in a way of damaging the social harmony following the attempt of illegally constructing the Buddhist temple.

In the meantime, it should be noted that the parliamentarian Ven. Athuraliye Rathana Thero stated the Buddha statue erected without the consent of the people at the places where Hindu temples are located in the north and east would be removed.

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