Did the occupying Sri Lankan military take hold of the playground of Killinochchi Central College as their own? -Special Correspondent for the Global Tamil News-

Students and their parents and old students of Killinochchi Central College have raised a question whether the occupying Sri Lankan military has taken hold of the playground of the school as their own.

Sri Lankan military soldiers have been conducting their events during the season of District level Athletic Meet as in the manner of disturbing the sports practice, according to the students.

The question has been raised whether the Sri Lankan military has been occupying the playground of the Killinochchi Central Coillege though nine years have almost passed since the war came to an end.

This particular school has been giving playground to the occupying Sri Lankan military soldiers whereas one of the schools located in Killinochchi town has been struggling for taking their school from the clutches of Sri Lankan military.

Sri Lankan military soldiers built the boundary wall and entrance arch for the school with the intention of occupying the playground of the Killinochchi Central College. Consequently, the school faces the danger of being occupied by the Sri Lankan military throughout the history in future.

Meanwhile, Sri Lankan military has set up a shed for the House Athletic Meet that has taken place a few days ago. Sri Lankan military soldiers have been thanked at the end of the meet.

Demanding the justice for those who were disappeared, people have been protesting days and noghts for almost a year at the premises of Killinochchi Kandaswamy temple, which is situated almost one kilometer from this school. In the meantime, national Rope Pulling sports event of the military is being held in this playground today.

Consequently, it is unable to conduct the events of public organizations and Tamil cultural events during the prominent seasons. When one of the organizations attempted to stage a Tamil cultural event prior to “Aadipirappu” festival, the access to playground for it was denied due to the “Vesak” function of the occupying Sri Lankan military.

It is noteworthy that enormous numbers of Liberation Tigers sacrificed their lives for smashing out the bund built by the occupying the Sri Lankan military in order to counter the “Sathjaya” military operation conducted by Sri Lankan military in the year 1996.

One of the teachers of this school, who wish to be unnamed, told the Global Tamil News that students and teachers are frustrated about it as a very few persons in the School Administration decide the matter related to it.

Meanwhile, one of the old students of this school stated that this  sort of action  which adds bad name to the history of the school must be stopped immediately.