Flux banners hung at the “Thiyakatheepam” Thileepan’s monument has been removed out -Reporter for Global Tamil News-

Flux banners on which “Protect Sanctity” is written in tri languages hung at the “Thiyakatheepam” Thileepan’s monument has been removed out by unidentified persons.

Temporary shops are set up around the monument as temple festival has been ongoing. Therefore, at the contribution of Varatharajan Parthipanmember the member of Jaffna Municipality, flux banners asking to protect the sanctity of the monument has been hung on Wednesday midnight.

Within a couple of hours since this flux banner was hung, two persons in civil cloth came to the place with the police protection has removed out this flux banners and gone from there by motorbike. This incident has been clearly recorded in the CCTV Cameras fixed in the temple premises.

It is noteworthy that on 14th of this month, those in civil clothes went to the scene while the municipality workers were doing their works in placing the security fences around the Thileepan’s monument introduced themselves as military intelligence and intimidated the workers.

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