Grenades dumped in school to create fear Watcher, another arrested:

Police teams investigating the recovery of a bag of hand grenades from a school in Baduraliya on Thursday night revealed that a group of saboteurs were behind this act.

They had wanted to create a fear psychosis among the parents and children.

Police found a bag of 15 hand grenades from the school premises. Police confirmed the arrest of Pavithra Madushanka (32) and the watcher over the grenades found in the vicinity of school by yesterday noon.

Army personnel at Pelawatte Army camp and police teams rushed to the school premises yesterday morning, after they were informed about the recovery of this bag. Army personnel searched the school premises later.

Preliminary investigation has confirmed that a group of individuals has made an announcement to the villagers not to send their children to the school as bombs were found at the school premises using loud speakers.

Police sources said that they have information of a politician who is believed to have been involved in this incident. Police said the person who left the parcel at the school premises had entered a house near the school.

Courtesy: Daily News

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