Kilinochchi is also paralyzed by the lockout – Relatives of those who were disappeared stage protest on A9 Street- -Reporter for Global Tamil News-

Kilinochchi was totally paralyzed by the lockout protest which has been staged with the intention of strengthening the protest of relatives of those who were disappeared.

Today (27), in Killinochchi, Schools, Business Centers, Transport and market activities were not functioned. Though the Government Offices run under the Central Government were open, there were no normal operations since the people did not go and most of the employees were absent.  Offices run under the Provincial Government were closed. Consequently, almost all the functions were paralyzed today.

In front of the Killinochchi Kandaswamy temple premises, relatives of those who were disappeared were blocading the A9 Street for an hour with the demand of providing the solution to the enforced disappearances of their loved ones. The relatives of those who were disappeared demanded like this with screaming and tears.

The relatives of those who were disappeared have been continuing their attention drawn struggle for 67 days. The protestors stated that the government is yet to turn its eye on this protest till today. They further added that as a result of the government’s neglect, they would change their form of struggle to continue their protest non-violently till the solution for this issue is met.

Tamil people in various parts of the North and East continue their struggles demanding the investigation on those who were disappeared to find fact with regard to that. Similarly, these people has been staging non-violence means of struggles demanding the immediate release of thousands of acres of lands which are still being occupied by the occupying Sri Lankan government. However, the government’s no care approach on the legitimate demands of the Tamil people is fiercely condemnable, the protestors added.

They further said thanks to the public organizations, business communities, education community, trade unions, political parties and the media for the fullest support given by all of them for today’s lockout protest.

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