May18 is declared as the “Tamil Genocide Day” -Reporter for Global Tamil News-

It has been declared that May18 on which Tamils were subjected to genocide at Mullivaikal as the “Tamil Genocide Day”.

Session of the NPC headed by C.V.K.Sivanjanam held at the Secretariat of the NPC located at Kaithady yesterday (10). In this session, this resolution has been proposed by Ananthi Sasitharan, the Northern Provincial Minister of Children and Women’s Affairs. “Genocide was committed against Tamils at Mullivaikal on 18th of May, 2009. I request the NPC to declare the May18 as the “Tamil Genocide Day” and to commemorate this as the day of mourning”, she added.

It has been unanimously accepted by the council and Chairman of the NPC, C.V.K. Sivanjanam stated that resolution is made to declare May18 as the “Tamil Genocide Day”.