People of Anpupuram make accusation that lands and port are appropriated by Navy

-Reporter for Global Tamil News –Killinochchi-

As the Sri Lankan navy soldiers ocanpupuram5_CIcupy the Anpupuram port in Mullankavil, the fishermen of this particular area are in a position to go to sea through another route, according to the fishermen of this area.

Also, it is accused that more than thousand acres of land located in the Anpupuram area still being occupied by the occupying Sri Lankan military.

About seventy families in this village depend on the fishing. This particular port is utmost important for these families to get engaged in fishing. As this port is being occupied by the occupying Sri Lankan navy, the fishermen of this are in a position to travel a long distance to get down the sea, they added. Not only the Sri Lankan military is occupying this port which they had been using for 25 years, but also they were ordered to leave from their own lands and stay at the opposite side of the road, they further added. Their own lands are surrounded by the barbed wire fences and they have been living in some other lands after being uprooted from their own lands, according to the anxiety of the people.

Therefore, these people demanded the respective authorities to expel the Sri Lankan navy from their own lands and port.