Protest emphasizing the protection to women held in Killinochchi -Reporter for Global Tamil News-

Condemning the violence against women that has been happening in north, demanding the protection to women and demanding the justice to the killing of Karuppaian Nithiyakala, protest has been staged in Killinochchi today.

Following are the slogans raised by those who took part in this protest organized by the Movement for Equality and Social Justice at the Killinochchi Depot Junction;

“Government! Ensure the protection to women”

“Strengthen the laws for women’s protection”

“Immediately arrest the murders of the killing of Nithiyakala”

“Protection to children and women became question mark”

“Severe action against the drug addicts should be taken”

“Society! Be vigil to protect the women”

“Why this pathetic plight to our women?”