The country of mothers shedding tears -Special Correspondent for Global Tamil News-

Sri Lanka is being with an identity of the country of mothers shedding tears. The condition of politics and human rights in a country where mothers are shedding tears can easily be understood.

I have seen many mothers shedding tears. Those mothers come across in my mind today. Carrying their disappeared children they are crying.

Arumugam Chellamma is from pooneyrn. She herself created optimistic happiness in her mind with the hopeful thinking of her son’s return. Why should we cry?, she questioned. Giving back our children, who were handed over to the Sri Lankan military following to the promise of Sri Lankan government, is the duty of the state, she added.

Thus, what she stressed is the Sri Lankan government should return her son. Chellamma, who does not wish her son to be marked as the disappeared one, said that Sri Lankan government cannot list her son as the disappeared one. Will the Sri Lankan government answer for the question of how those who were handed over become disappeared?

Everyone in the homes of those who were disappeared always talks about those who were disappeared. At any moment they are thinking of their relatives who were disappeared. At any moment, they are expecting for the return of their relatives who were disappeared.

Saying that he would surrender to the Sri Lankan military at the end of the war, Gobinath has handed over his dresses to her mother. Where did my son go? When will he come back?, Gobinath’s mother Vasuki is living with tears with these questions.

Whenever the sound comes while opening our gate, my mind thinks that my son is coming back, according to Vasuki. Who is responsible for the tears of this mother who spends her days and nights with tears?

Even the new government of Sri Lanka did not come forward to wipe out the tears of Tamil mothers. What is this new government going to say regarding those who were abducted and disappeared?

Jeyakala belonging to Kalviyankadu, Jaffna is shedding tears holding a photo of her disappeared son. This mother is struggling for her son’s return by making a photo of her son being alive at Booza as evidence.

Where is my son who were arrested and imprisoned by the Sri Lankan military?, this mother raised question. Sri Lankan government should respond to the question of these mothers. How many mothers are shedding tears for how many of their children?

Beginning the actions of wiping out the tears of these mothers is the greatest respect and honor that we should do for these mothers in this Mothers’ Day. What is the identity of a country where mothers are shedding tears?

Mothers would shed tears in a country where human rights violations, unjust and discriminatory practices prevail.  This world should understand the message delivered through the tears of the mothers in an ethnicity that was subjected to murder, genocide, human rights violations and injustices.