The government’s attempt to confiscate the Vellankulam Farm has turned into fiasco -Reporter for Global Tamil News-

Based on the demand demanded by the Vanni parliamentarian Charles Nirmalanathan from the North East Development Committee formed by the President Maithripala Srisena, 265 acres of lands from the farm lands which had been confiscated by the occupying Sri Lankan military after the war in Vellankulam which comes under the Manthai West Divisional Secretariat have been handed over to the Divisional Secretariat of Manthai West.

As the Cashew plantation was being carried out in these Vellankulam farm lands which were handed over to the Department of Forest Conservation, the attempts were being made to bring these lands under the Cashew Corporation with the help of Sri Lankan military. Meanwhile, the Chairman and the officials of the Cashew Corporation visited these lands yesterday (18/04).

Meanwhile, the Vanni parliamentarian Charles Nirmalanathan interfered into this and told them that these lands should not be handed over to them by mentioning about an already prepared list of female headed households and ex-cadres who are going to be provided these lands. There was a contradiction arose. Thus, it was asked to handover the release lands to the Manthai Divisional Secretary.

It has become known that there is an attempt being made to provide the 30 acres of lands located at the vicinity of the Vellankulam Farm Land following the conversation that the Divisional Secretary and the officials of Cashew Corporation had. Meanwhile, the attempts made to confiscate these 275 acres of lands have been given up.

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