-Trading Shop in Mullankavil was ablaze- -About two crores were lost- -It is suspected whether it happened due to arson attack- -Reporter for Global Tamil News-

Complaint has been lodged at Mulankavil Police Station stating that things worth of about two crores were lost as “Kannan” Trading Shop located at Mulankavil was ablaze yesterday at around 12:30 AM.

Shop was burned down completely though attempts made by Water Tank Vehicles of Military & Navy and Fire Brigade to extinguish fire following the Army & Navy and Fire Brigade was informed in this regard once the owner of the shop had been made known about this yesterday around 12:45 AM by his friends.

No suspects have bee arrested yet since it is suspected by the Police that it might have been happened due to arson attack. However, further investigations are being conducted by the Mulankavil Police.