“We will drive the fishermen from South out if the politicians are unable to do” -Special Correspondent for Global Tamil News-

“Tamil politicians should speak out if they are really unable to drive the fishermen from South out. Then we will drive them out from here”, fisher folks of Vadamaratchi East stated. People of Vadamaratchi East staged a protest demanding the driving out of the fishermen from South who are getting engaged in catching Sea Cucumber in Vadamaratchi East in the manner of appropriating the place.

In the discussion held following this protest, fisher folk of Vadamaratchi East stated like this.

Parliamentarians and provincial councilors stated that they would find a solution to drive out the fishermen from South by speaking to the Central Government. What happened to it?

Parliamentarian Sumanthiran, who brought an individual proposal before parliament asking the banned fishing methods such as catching sea cucumber and using trawler to catch fish and passed it at the parliament, then with parliamentarian Mavai Senethirajah stated that trawler fishing do not want to be stopped immediately.

“They are stopping the illegal fishing methods to be stopped. How can we ask them to protect our fisheries resources? Fishermen from South should be driven out immediately without any further delay. They should tell us openly if they are unable to do this”, they added.

It is noted that Northern Provincial Councilors and the politicians of the Tamil National People Front were there during this.