No change in Government: Ajith P

Referring to speculation that there would be change of Prime Minister shortly, Non-Cabinet Minister Ajith P. Perera said no such thing would happen as such an eventuality was not possible constitutionally.

He said some opponents of the government were behind these rumours. “It is not possible to change the government by shifting heads in Parliament as what happened on October 26, 2018 and we don’t think anyone who thinks rationally will try the same tactics again,” the minister told a news conference last afternoon.

When asked whether anyone in UNP was supporting such a move, the minister said all our members support the continuation of the present government with Ranil Wickremesinghe as Prime Minister. “There may be differences among the UNPers on other issues but there is no difference of opinion when it comes to continuing with this government and the present Prime Minister,” he said.

However, the minister said what may happen is the declaration of a presidential election. “President Maithripala Sirisena declaring the presidential election with the intention of seeking a second term is a possibility,” he said.

When asked who would be the UNF candidate in the event a presidential election is held, the minister said it would be a person from a political family or even an outsider. “We will name the candidate if and when the presidential election is declared,” he said.

Courtesy: Daily Mirror