The protest of the deceived people of Iranaitivu has reached its 300th day -Reporter for Global Tamil News-

The protest of the people of Iranaitivu belonging to Pooneryn region of the Killinochchi district has reached its 300th day today (24/02/2018). The protest of the people has reached its 300th day whereas assurances of the ministers, the parliamentarian of the particular district and officials have flown away.

Today is the 300th day since the attention drawn protest urging their resettlement at their native homeland had commenced. During this 300 days long protest, many politicians came to the scene and gave assurances that are yet to be implemented.

State Minister Vijayakala Maheshwaran visited the place where protest has been continuing told the protestors that the people would be able to go to their native land within two weeks as the government of good governance had taken steps for it.

District parliamentarian and the President of Development Coordinating Committee Sridaran also visited the protest and made accusation on the previous regime and those who worked with it. He assured that he would bring the State Minister of Defense to the scene to meet with a solution for this issue. Though he marked a deadline for it, nothing happened hereafter.

State Minister of Defense Ruwan Vijewardene and those political figures who came with him to the place where protest has been continuing gave deadline for the assurances given by them. However, the people expressed their anxiety by stating that the assurances and deadlines given by them have flown away with the sea breeze.

“We as the deceived people has been protesting for 300 long days with the dream of returning to our native homeland”, the protestors stated.

Therefore, the people demanded the government to provide them a favorable solution to the peaceful protest demanding to return to their native land by having considered the pathetic plight and livelihood of them.