The war affected people are being affected by the land grabbing and militarization in Mullaitivu:

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The war affected people are being affected by the land grabbing and militarization in Mullaitivu:


Victims of the final stage of the war are being severely affected by the land grabbing and militarization in Mullaitivu district. The people of this area who were brutally affected by the final stage of war in Mullivaikal area are still being worse affected by the majoritarian agenda.
One of the United Nations report stated that Mullaitivu is the most backward district in Sri Lanka as the facilities available there; women’s status, job opportunities, education, etc are in the most backward condition. In addition, Mullitivu district was hard hit by the Tsunami.
In this soil where people who were bad affected by the atrocities and genocide committed against them are facing political issues. These political issues are the bottlenecks in uplifting these war affected people in this district.
A session with the intention of getting public opinion under the 11 members team lead by Advocate Manori Muththedduvegama held day before yesterday at the Karaithuraipatru DS office in Mullaitivu district.
Vadduvakal Bridge is still being occupied by the occupying Sri Lankan military.
Fishermen of Mullaitivu district are severely affected due to the military camp located at either side of the Vadduvakal Bridge. The problems that the fishermen of Mullaitivu district face and the issues faced by the resettled people of Mullaitivu district due to the Sinhala settlements and military camps have also been discussed in this session.
Vadduvakal Bridge which is located at the centre of Vadduvakal Sea was severely sputtered at the final stage of war. Military camp is located at either side of this bridge. Consequently, fishermen are affected severely.
That is why fishermen of this area demanded the respective authorities to remove this particular camp. Fishermen of this area are living in this area after losing their belongings at the final stage of the war. Also, the livelihoods of these fishermen are being severely affected by the Sinhala settlers and the occupying Sinhala military.
More than 100 families of fishermen depend on shrimp catching in the Vadduvakal river. Since the military camp is located at the either side of the Vadduvakal Bridge, the fishermen are in a position to go through the jungle route to get down in the waters.
Massive Gotabaya Camp
Meanwhile, Gotabaya naval base located at the vicinity of Vadduvakal Bridge is set up in the hundreds of acres of land. Despite people and their representatives urged the respective authorities to resettle the people in these lands after removing this particular naval base, steps are yet to be taken in this regard.
Gotabaya naval base is located in 626 acres of land on which 379 acres of land are state owned where as the remaining are privately owned. Most of these lands are fenced with barbed wire and appropriated under the naval security. People repeatedly requested the release of these lands. However, the Sri Lankan navy stated that they take hold of these lands for the national security.
The people of these lands are wandering around the streets and relatives home. Meanwhile, the navy soldiers destroyed valuable Palmyra trees with the intention of getting engaged in agricultural activities in this particular area. The military is attempting to erect the permanent fences at the places which were fenced with barbed wire earlier.
With the intention of expanding the cultivation and naval activities of the Sri Lankan navy, the particular appropriated lands are fenced by the Sri Lankan navy. This area is going to be utilized by the Sri Lankan navy after this area being beautified. For that, the Palmyra trees were recently destroyed.
The native fishermen of Vadduvakal, Selvapuram, Kovilkudiyiruppu, Mannankumal, Kallappadu and Thirthakarai rivers are bad affected by the Sinhala settlers, one of the fishermen of this area stated.
Fishing nets of the Tamil fishermen are damaged as the fishermen belonging to ethnic majorities put their fishing nets over the fishing nets of Tamil fishermen. Thus, war affected fishermen are in a pathetic position to face further issues.
35 years of occupation
Rich waters of Mullaitivu are being appropriated by the fishermen belonging to ethnic majorities. the fishermen belonging to ethnic majorities are engaged in fishing in the Kokkulai, Kokkuthoduvai, Karanaddukerny and Nayaru areas with the assistance of occupying Sri Lankan military, the fishermen of Mullaitivu district highlighted.
The native Tamil people of Kokkulai like areas were uprooted by the Sri Lankan military in 1980 and then the fishermen belonging to ethnic majorities started getting engaged in fishing in these areas. Despite seven years have passed after the war came to an end, the native people of these places are yet to be provided their traditional workplaces.
Mullaitivu district, Mullivaikal, Nanthikadal and Vadduvakal are the places which are most pronounced places in today’s world. Mullaitivu district which were affected by the genocidal war is full of war scars. Stopping the uplifting of the war affected people’s livelihoods by expanding the occupation of the Sri Lankan military is whether reconciliation or racial oppression?
People and the representatives of them have been continuously highlighting about these activities that have been being taken place with the assistance of the occupying Sri Lankan military. In addition, political leaders of the Sothern Sri Lanka were also made known in this regard. However, the native people of these areas have been facing issues without any solutions to their issues. Up to what extent, will it be continued?  Don’t the respective authorities think about the consequences of these activities in future?
-Reporter for Global Tamil News from Mullaitivu-

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