Interim injunction to the construction of Mullivaikal Memorial -Reporter for Global Tamil News-

It has become known that authorities of the University Administration at higher level has instructed interim injunction to the Mullivaikal Memorial.

The students of the University of Jaffna have planned to establish Mullivaikal Memorial to commemorate those who have lost their lives in the Mullivaikal Massacre.

They have started constructing it at the premises of the University of Jaffna last Wednesday (2018-04-18). However, the higher level authority of the University Administration made obstruction to the establishment of Mullivaikal Memorial at that particular place.

Meanwhile, talks between the higher level authorities of the University Administration and the representatives of the Students’ Union held last Thursday evening.

Higher level authorities asked the representatives of the Students’ Union to construct the Mullivaikal Memorial nearby the Maveerar Memorial located at the University premises.

Representatives of the Students’ Union agreed to the request made by the University Administration after considering what they have been asked to.

In the meantime, construction activities of the Mullivaikal Memorial are being carried out at the place permitted by the University Administration since last Thursday.

Meanwhile, University Grants Commission together with the Ministry of Higher Education ordered the University Administration to make injunction to the construction activities of Mullivaikal Memorial as it was. Thus, construction activities carried out by the students have been halted.

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