New Constitution drafting process nearing crucial stage

The new Constitution drafting process is nearing a crucial stage where a consensus will be sought, Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe said today.

The Prime Minister said that one of the issues which needs to be addressed in the process to draft a new Constitution is how the country will operate without weakening the powers of the Central Government for an emergency while strengthening the forms of Parliamentary Governance.

“There are those who have talked of the Westminster system of Government,” he added.

The Prime Minister said drafting a new Constitution is a long process but a process which builds consensus.

“In many areas we have reached a consensus especially on devolution of powers and the nature of the state,” he said.

He says there is agreement that the state cannot be divided and that sovereignty is in the hands of the people.

The Prime Minister also noted that there is a division between Chief Ministers and Parliament on the proposed Constitution with Chief Ministers wanting more powers under the new Constitution and Parliament not agreeing to it.

He also said that to a large extent there is an agreement on the electoral system with backing being given for a mixed proportional system.

Courtesy: Colombo Gazette

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