Spread in COVID-19 virus in offices on the rise: Epidemiology Chief

Risk of infection quite higher in air-conditioned environment

While saying that the spread of COVID-19 in companies in the country is on the rise, Chief Epidemiologist Dr Sudath Samaraweera said today the risk of infection was quite dramatic in closed and air-conditioned spaces.

He told the media that they had noticed a fair rise in the number of COVID cases within office premises.

“People would be vulnerable to the virus in a closed room especially in air-conditioned spaces. Thus, it is recommended to stay in an environment with opened windows. We also urge people to strictly follow health guidelines when they stay in a closed room or an air-conditioned room,” he said.

Meanwhile, Dr Samaraweera requested people to immediately report to the hospital when they suffer from COVID19 symptoms or feel unwell.

“It has been reported that people tend to stay at home when they feel unfit and experiment with various medicines without seeking proper medical assistance. Thus, we urge people to report to hospital when they come up with COVID symptoms and even feel unfit,” he stressed.  

He also urged the general public to be cautious as the new variant detected in Sri Lanka had high transmissibility.

“Those infected with the new variant show complication, unlike the previous strain. Therefore, it is of utmost importance to strictly follow health guidelines and restrict unnecessary movement,” he said.

Meanwhile health officials urged all private and state companies who have staff reporting to work to conduct temperature checks and maintain all health guidelines.

All companies have been urged to get minimum staff to report to work as a work from home policy was now in place.

Courtesy: Daily mirror

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