“Our friend was killed after being beaten up by the Police”


-According to the confession given by the suspects- -Reporter for Global Tamil News –Jaffna-

The suspects gave the confession that their friend had been killed by the Police after asking him whether he wanted a country and then the Police gave death certificate mentioning that their friend had committed suicide. They have given this confession before Mallakam Magistrate.

This case charging theft has been taken before the Mallakam Magistrate A. Yoodsan yesterday. The four accused in this case appeared at the Court and gave their confessions in this regard.

Following are further revealed in this regard;

We donated book bags to the students in need on 21st of November in 2011. Meanwhile, the Policemen from Chunnakam Police arrived at the scene and asked us whether we were donating the book bags in the honor of Martyrs Week.

But, we responded that we were donating those books to the students in need to continue their studies. Then, the Policemen left from there. Then, they came to our homes were and brought us to the Police Station after being falsely charged with theft.

On the same day, five of ours including our friends and relatives were detained at the Chunnakam Police Station.

There is a torture chamber in Chunnakam Police Station. We were taken to this chamber. Military intelligence operatives from Oorelu camp, 3 Tamil policemen belonging from Chunnakam police station and Sinhala Police officers gathered there started torturing us after being charged with a theft case.

I was electrocuted. My feet were nailed. My thumb finger was thrashed into a pipe and I was hung in that pipe. They had beaten me after being tied with table.

We were brutally tortured by the Chunnakam Police like that. Our friend Suman was beaten up after being tied with table asking whether he wanted a separate country. Following the brutal attack on him, blood was dripping from his mouth and nose. After that our friend was dead pathetically.

The dead body of our friend was then thrown into Iranaimadu tank. Then they gave death certificate mentioning that he had committed suicide by jumping into this particular tank. The police changed a murder as a suicide.

Following to that, the magistrate ordered as follow;

All the policemen alleged by the accused of this case through their confession should be immediately arrested and produced before the Court. The investigation report should be submitted within three months after conducting investigations. In addition, if the accused are intimidated to give up this case, it should be brought to the immediate concern of the Court. If necessary, the protection to the accused persons in this case would be provided protection.