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Sri Lanka will not have a future If not focused on security of the country’ – President

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President Ranil Wickramasinghe said yesterday (11) that “if we don’t think about the security of the country, we have no future.”

Addressing the General Convocation of the General Sir John Kotelawala Defense University as the Chief Guest, the President also emphasized that in order for the country to be protected in the changing world, security skills and strategic skills should be utilized.

He said that we are now living in a world different from the world we were born into and although no one paid attention to the Indian Ocean before, that situation has changed.

President Wickramasinghe also said that in order to protect ourselves and the country, we must study defense skills and strategy.

The President said that some people question why the security of the country is being given more attention, and emphasized that we have no future if we do not think about the security of the country

The President pointed out that we must have a very competitive and export-led economic pattern and that it cannot be achieved without free movement. He also said that our future depends on our ability to transport goods.

The President said that political, diplomatic and military skills are essential to maintain the right to travel by sea and air and to visit the country without hindrance.

He said that the Defense University will help in acquiring military skills and another Defense University will be established in Kurunegala.

The President disclosed that arrangements have been made for the establishment of a strategic study institute and the educational activities of the Lakshman Kadirgamar institute will also be improved.

President Wickremesinghe said that his aim is to produce the best military leaders and that the President of Rwanda, whom he met recently at the COP 27 conference, mentioned that he would send their military officers to Sir John Kotelawala Defense University to educate.

The President added that there may be no other defense university in the world where women get more awards than men like the Sir John Kotelawala Defense University.

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